About us


The electrotechnical company “Energoreshenie” has been actively working on the Ukrainian market since 2007.

Our own subdivision for the production ofswitchboards and devices up to 1000 V and up to6300 A, relay protection panels, automatic processcontrol panels allows us to offer the customer anysolutions in the field of switchboard equipmentbased on components from domestic and foreignmanufacturers.

Our services

The main activity of the company is theimplementation of a range of services in the fieldof power engineering on a turnkey basis: design,electrical installation and commissioning works,supply of electrical equipment and materials,diagnostics of electrical equipment at powerplants, substations and networks up to 750 kV.

Why you need us

We have all the necessary licenses for the implementation of the work.

High professionalism and many years of experience of our technical specialists allow us to solve complex and non-standard tasks on time.

Working with us is a guarantee of a reliable, safe and uninterrupted power supply to your facilities!

The main activities of the company "Energoreshenie":