Products and technical solutions

Design, assembly, installation, commissioning and testing of low-voltage switchboard products (0.4 kV) based on high-quality metal cabinets and plastic shields.

Completion – electrical equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers – ABB, EATON (Moeller), ETI, OEZ, EFFEN, Conta-Clip, etc.

Power assemblies (RU-0.4), distribution (distribution board, main switchboard), input and distribution (VRSCH, VRU) boards of any complexity with the use of modern devices for monitoring the parameters of the power grid. The equipment is equipped with an ATS device based on traditional relay circuits. As an option, we propose a complete set of “intelligent” ATS with the use of modern micrological technology, which allows to increase the reliability, selectivity and information content of the ATS.


The range of complete switchboard products based on electrical products from the world's leading manufacturers - ABB, EATON, Siemens, ETI, OEZ, EFFEN, Conta-Clip

Based on floor-standing cabinets:

Based on hanging boxes:

Built-in and wall-mounted shields: